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WE BOOK ALL OF THAILAND not just Phuket, also Bangkok, Krabi, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phang Nga, Hua Hin ALL the islands and just about everything you are looking to do in Thailand.

Family packages for you and the kids, we have made some very original 1 day city tour package options including shopping and massages and beer & wine tastings and lunches and dinners, swims at various popular and secluded beaches, night markets and market walking street tours, we even have a supermarkets trip if you are only looking to do your grocery shopping.

Customized Tours, Holiday Services & Corporate Team Building events.

We only list very few Hotels on our website because we work with so many: So before you book your Hotel , give us a chance to get you a better price for the hotel that you are interested in staying at. Just give us the name of the Hotel and let us see if we can get you a better rate, we usually can.

We can provide customized services depending on what you are looking for. If you are coming on holiday and looking for your dream trip, with tours and hotels. Moving to Phuket and need help finding a place to live or rent long term, or if you are a company looking to send your top staff on team building exercises. You have come to the right place. Drop us a message or give us a call us to ask some questions and say hi!

Depending on where you are staying, we sometimes come to meet our customers at their hotel lobby and collect payment in cash and we make a trip voucher for you and give to you at the same time, with all the details. If your hotel is a long way from our office then we may add a small service charge for the travel to meet you. OR you can pay by credit card if you are in Thailand and we come to meet you, alternatively we can send you a Paypal Link. For our new updated pricing there are no extra charges or added fees for using credit card or Paypal.

BOOKINGS must be made by 7pm the day before the booking date and payment made

  • Which trip or adventure would you like to book, please choose below
  • Please give us your email address.
  • Please give us your phone and Whatsapp (including country code)
  • What date or dates would you like to book?
  • Please give us all the names of the customers, this is for booking and for insurance purposes.
  • Please give us all the names of the customers
  • Please give us all the names of the customers
  • Please give us all the names of the customers
  • Are you already here? If you are we need you to give us the name of your HOTEL and your ROOM NUMBER, so we can arrange your pick up to go on your trip please.
  • Let us know how you would prefer to pay below and we can organize it for you.

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Customized Tours, Holiday Services & Corporate Team Building events

If you have a Thai phone number and if you prefer, we can also talk about this on the phone. We Like using Whatsapp so please feel free to contact us via Whatsapp.

Or email us if you prefer.

We book ALL of Thailand, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya & Bangkok, Hua Hin, Phang Nga, Surat Thani. If you are interested in something that is not listed on our website, just ask us and we can usually set it up for you.

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