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Check out these helpful sayings in Thai, you may be able to use them while you are traveling in ALL destinations in Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries that you will visit and find that really not many people speak English or any other language than Thai, and naturally so, this is Thailand, but when you are traveling as a foreigner you need to have some kind of knowledge of the language. It is usually best to have some knowledge of the language before you come, so we have put together this great and fun page of How to say stuff in Thai, helpful words phrases when traveling in Thailand.

You WILL find yourself in situations when you are in Thailand where many people will not understand a word you are speaking and you will not understand anything from them either, sometimes pointing to pictures and sign language does go a long way, but it is helpful to have examples like the ones we have listed for you below on this page.

We will constantly be adding new stuff to say in Thai to this page in an effort to assist all the travelers coming to Thailand that might need a helping word to either order some food, or say something basic. If you are online you should even be able to press play on any one of the media players on the pages and play our voice recordings out loud, so the Thai people that you are dealing wit at the time can hear and understand what you mean.

Popular stuff to say in Thai

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