Should I book my tours in Thailand before I go or when I get there

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There is always a big debate about this question and everyone has a different situation. For Many people who have never traveled to Thailand before, or perhaps never traveled anywhere before and Thailand might be their first destination experience overseas, it is normal to be nervous and careful about your trip, and to be apprehensive about what to do.

We own a Premium Hotel and Tour booking agency in Phuket, and we book only the best and safest operators here and all over Thailand. We get travelers from all over the world contacting us for advice, and the vast majority of travelers want to plan ahead and have everything set up.

Let’s face it, most people like to plan and feel comfortable about a set itinerary so that when they arrive they don’t have to run around looking for places to buy tours at the last minute, in a place they know nothing about.

Other people like to book or confirm in advance simply because they do not have the time to run around themselves, they may arrive late at night into Thailand or very early morning, and they may only have couple of days’ vacation, so they like to plan in advance too and make the most of the limited time they have.

There are a lot of travelers that do have time and do not like to plan anything at all except for their hotel and airport transfers and like to wake up, have some breakfast and then go exploring.

We also take a lot of walk in bookings & bookings from people that want to book the same day or the next day from people already in Phuket & other parts of Thailand, so just get in contact with us and we can help.

So it really is up to each person/ group that are coming and what their own personal situation and preferences are. We can tell you that booking your tours and hotels with a travel agent in your home country will certainly cost you quite a bit more than the prices you can get here if you contact and communicate with Tour companies like ours, or others that are located in Thailand.

Booking tours through your hotel will certainly cost more than what you will pay for outside the hotel. So book in advance or book when you get here, and then we come to meet you in your hotel lobby and can pay us cash or with credit card, and that option makes a lot of people happy too and everyone always feels more comfortable seeing us in person and saying hello so that we can explain each tour in detail for them.

Although it cannot be done that way for everyone, it is a case by case scenario. As mentioned we own a Premium Hotel and Tour booking company, and we have direct contractual relationships with hotel and tour companies/ operators. 

99% of the time we can offer better rates for hotels than any advertised on any of the main online booking sites, and all pricing we offer is heavily discounted for our Premium Operators, we never sell at the normal sale price, so it is worth doing some research and contacting companies like ours.

The other thing is that there are a lot of cheap and unregulated, unlicensed operators around too, with no insurance and we have seen people have some unpleasant experiences.

Ultimately it is everyone’s personal preference whether to pre book or to book when you get here, I just wanted to add a little insight for everyone. The other thing is when agencies such as package everything up for you in a customized package, we generally offer even better deals.
We are here to help and happy to answer any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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