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    Surf House Board riding Phuket

    Surf House Board riding Phuket. No matter what the weather is like this place is a go all the time. Learn how to ride a board on a man made shallow wave, anyone can try it, very safe, you just need balance. a great fun thing to do.

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    Surin island National Park Tour

    Surin island National Park Tour. This is with out a doubt one of the best tours you could choose. The long 1.5 hour each way transfers deter many people from going, so there are no crowds and that is amazing. We hope it remains beautiful due to its remoteness.

  • ฿500.00 play-animal-take-picture-touch-with-tigers-kingdom-phuket-3

    Tiger Park Kingdom Phuket

    Do you like Tigers? Tiger Kingdom is one of the only places in the world where you will be able to experince being up close and personal with these amazing cats. Don’t miss it, really, an awesome thing to do in Phuket.

  • ฿350.00 baan-teelanka-upside-down-house-phuket-2

    Upside Down House Phuket attractions

    Upside Down House Phuket attractions. This place is very well done, an cool experience and trick to the eye. You will get some really fun photo’s here, worth a look with the kids.

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    Water Park Dinosea World Park Phuket

    Honestly, if you are looking for some fun, this water park is amazing! This place is enormous, so much going on here, so many things to do, climbing, falling, jumping, sliding. You need at least a few hours to have fun and probably the entire day to do the entire park.

    Seriously amazing, if you want a day of adventure, or if you want to make your kids tired, this is the place you need to go to.