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฿2,950.00 ฿2,900.00Sale! Serenity-Yachting-Samui-Full-Day-Trip-Koh-Phangan

Catamaran Tour Koh Phangan in Thailand

Catamaran tour Koh Phangan in Thailand. An amazing day out cruising the islands on a spacious & comfortable Catamaran. Cruise in style.

฿2,300.00 ฿2,150.00Sale! best-outdoor-activities-tree-top-adventure-park-zip-line-rok-climbing-krabi-10

Outdoor Activities Zip Line Rock Climbing Krabi

Outdoor Activities Zip Line Rock Climbing Krabi. These guys offer courses for absolute beginners & kids, all the way up to advanced level climbing & adventure activities.

฿2,950.00 ฿2,900.00Sale! Best-Day-Trip-Pattaya-3-Islands-Serenity-Yachting-Catamaran-5

Best Day Trip Pattaya 3 Islands Serenity Yachting Catamaran

Best Day Trip Pattaya 3 Islands Serenity Yachting Catamaran. If you prefer big comfortable, spacious boats, take a look at this tour. Island hopping on a big catamaran, snorkeling, swimming and lazing on the beach.

฿3,500.00 New-Born-Tiger-Kingdom-Phuket

New Born Tiger Kingdom Phuket

Do you like Tigers? Tiger Kingdom is one of the only places in the world where you will be able to experince being up close and personal with these amazing cats. Don’t miss it, really, an awesome thing to do in Phuket.

฿2,800.00 ฿1,250.00Sale! A.-Day-Trip-White-Water-Rafting-Elephant-Trekking-Flying-Fox-2

A. Day Trip White Water Rafting + Elephant Trekking + Flying Fox

5km white water rafting, Elephant trekking 30 mins, then get on to the Flying Fox. Monkey Cave, waterfall & Lunch all included on this amazing day trip to Phang Nga. This is cheap too.

฿3,400.00 ฿2,050.00Sale! full-day-trip-phi-phi-island-yaoyai-island-khai-nai-island-by-speedboat-4

Premium Phi Phi Island – Khai Islands by Speedboat

Premium Phi Phi Maya Khai Islands speed boat trip. If you are finding it tough to choose which trips to book, you will not be disappointed with this one. The trip takes you to Phi Phi island, Maya Bay, Khai islands.

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Phuket things to do Thailand

Phuket things to do Thailand. Welcome to Phuket Dream Company, let us help you to plan and book your Amazing holiday, AND we book ALL of Thailand, so we can help you with bookings in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya, Krabi, Kao Lak, Kao Sok, Hua Hin, Phuket, Phang Nga, Surat Thani and much more, just ask us.

We specialize in creating custom holiday and family vacation packages (based on your budget), so just let us know what you are hoping to do here in Thailand. We book Everything there is to book from Airport transfers, hotels to island trips and dinner and shows plus much more.

Hello to everyone around the world, if you are looking for Phuket things to do as well as other locations and cities in Thailand we can help.

Let us provide advice for tours, travel, shopping packages, holiday and sight seeing bookings and various other agency services for all of Thailand, we are based in Phuket but we have direct connections to businesses, hotels and tour operators all over beautiful Thailand.

If you are coming to holiday, or even coming to live here in Thailand for short or long term, the you have come to the right place. We provide huge a range of services so get in contact with our helpful and friendly team and tell us what you are looking for and we will do our best to help you.

Check out our expanded new services to include more of what you might want to do, winery tours, golf, shopping tour and spa days, cooking classes, custom specialty city tours.

These are just a small selection of Phuket things to do. If you want to do something that is not on our website, just ask us, we will find it for you.

You can rest assured that we book the best and safest tour operators That provide the highest level of service and quality. Our customized tour package bookings are made especially for you based on the information and budget that you give to us to work with, Personal tour guide services, One of our team can come with you and take you to all the places that you want to go for the day.

So what are you planning for Phuket things to do ? Let us know exactly what your plans are and what you would really like to see here and where you might like to stay.

We have a great choice of beautiful hotels to suit everyone’s budget. We book ALL Phuket things to do, so let us create a custom package for you and send you a quote.

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฿2,200.00 ฿2,000.00Sale! full-day-learn-to-cook-thai-food-10-dishes-at-phuket-thai-cooking-academy-4

Half Day Afternoon Learn to Cook Favorite Thai Food Phuket

Learn to cook favourite Thai Food Phuket. Check out this half day cooking course, if you have a free morning available.

฿3,800.00 ฿3,000.00Sale!

Full Day Similan Island Cat Catamaran

Full Day Similan Island Cat Catamaran. Enjoy a new comfortable speed cat catamaran boat that will make your day happiness!.

฿4,000.00 ฿2,920.00Sale! full-day-tour-fishing-2-islands-racha-yai-racha-noi

Full Day Fishing Racha Yai + Racha Noi Island

Full Day Fishing Racha Yai & Racha Noi. If you are looking for something a bit different but still want to be out on a boat on the water, this fishing trip is a lot of fun. A great captain and crew help you to have a really fun day.

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