Amazing day trip to Coral and Racha islands Phuket Thailand


1 Day snorkeling Trip tours Coral Racha islands banana beach Phuket

1 Day snorkeling Trip tours Coral Racha islands banana beach Phuket. As we have said many times before, Phuket and Thailand are a pleasure to visit, with so much eye opening scenery, landscapes and islands. This day trip to the islands will really excite you. Both Coral and Raya Island are considered to be 2 of the most beautiful islands in the Andaman Sea. Coral Island or Hey Island This Island located on the south of Phuket and is about 20 minutes by speed boat from Chalong Pier. Coral Island as you will realize from its name is well known for its coral reefs. It’s uninhabited with no roads, but the island’s abuzz with families and tour groups who arrive to shore daily by speedboat in the late morning for a few hours of playing on the sand, banana boating and parasailing. The various tour companies have set up their own little sections along the beach with shaded beach chairs and snorkel equipment for their guests. There’s one rustic shop selling souvenirs as well as renting out snorkel equipment. Snorkeling is a must when you are on your trip here to these 2 amazing destinations, your eyes will be in awe of the amazing array of beauty, these are the places and scenes that you dream about. Long Beach is where the island’s only choice for accommodation is found, Coral Island Resort, a collection of basic air-con concrete bungalows and rooms set around a swimming pool. The price depends on the bungalow’s proximity to the beach, but none are more than a two-minute walk away. After you have a swim, you can go for a walk along two of the fine beaches on the north and west of the island. Though Coral’s main beach gets busy with day-trippers, if you plan it right it’s possible to enjoy the island in the idyllic glory promised on the postcards. This exquisite island offers easy diving for beginners with drift diving for more experienced divers. While diving you will find a beautiful sloping rock face that are home to hard coral forests, and amazing blue stag horn corals. So much to see under the water and the waters surrounding Coral island are teeming with fish and are home to many species including octopus and cuttlefish along with more common tropical species.

As if Coral island wasn’t enough to make you happy, the trip then takes you to Raya Island with most arrivals making their way to a fine white sandy beach tucked deep into the long, U-shaped main bay, called Ao Tawan Tok or Ao Bungalow, Raya Island is a powdery white sand and crystal clear turquoise water providing for great swimming, and then just around the corner is the next beach in Siam Bay next and that beach is longer and a lot more for all of you who want to go and really chill out. Both islands have safe swimming, reefs teeming with aquatic life, and a sense of getting away from it all that’s harder and harder to come by anywhere in the world. Kon Kare Bay and Ter Bay a few hundred meters across the island host great beaches and fantastic snorkeling. Ko Raya is a preferred travel destination for boaties or yacht owners, who stay at the resorts, and divers, who typically book up all the island’s cheaper rooms. Between the yachts, diving boats, and speedboats with snorkeling day trippers, Raya’s beautiful bays can get quite busy during the high season.

All of the beaches and bays are connected by bumpy dirt due to the heavy rain fall in the wet season. It is possible to rent a motor scooter, but you’re better off walking. The best things to do on the island include snorkeling, mountain biking, and nature hikes. The resorts offer organized activities like fishing trips and horseback riding, but these can be a little bit expensive if you are on a budget. If you are a bit of an explorer, rent a snorkel and mask and visit Lah Bay for some great snorkeling — giant star fish, puffer fish and rainbow trout a plenty swim here.

A small predominantly Muslim population of farmers and fishermen live on Raya, and there’s even a small mosque. None of the island’s restaurants serve pork and, in case you were planning to, visitors are asked not to bring any with them.

A big thing to remember if you like to pay for everything in cash is, there are no banks on either island, but the resorts accept credit cards (and sometimes levy a 3% service charge). Internet access on Raya Island is phenomenally expensive although, if you have your own laptop, WiFi is free. Get in touch with Phuket dream Company and we will help you with your booking and set you up with exactly what you need.

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