Please take our word for it from experiencing this first hand, a detox and cleanse and especially colonics are something that we highly recommend that every person do at least once every year. If you cannot or will not do it that often then at least every couple of years. We have connections with some really amazing Detox, fasting colon, weightloss, liver, cleanse programs in Koh Samui Thailand. You only get one body and every year it deteriorates so we should try to keep it is an best shape as we can.

Many people love to drink alcohol, eat fatty foods and deserts, not do much exercise. Even if you do work out frequently and take care of yourself things build up inside your stomach and intestines, and your kidneys and liver. A good detox program will help to clean you out, and you feel so much better after it, and we believe that it will enhance and extend your quality of life and well being. There are several different options at different prices and different locations.

You could do 3 days, you could do 20 days, it is up to you.

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