Koh Maiton or Maiton Island is also known as Honeymoon Island and is located in South Phuket


Customized honeymoon packages Koh Maiton Island Phuket. Phuket already has some of the most lovely scenery and natural landscapes and beaches in the world, but sometimes when traveling we like to get off the beaten track, go into a little more adventure and especially take trips out to some of the islands. The islands off Phukets coast line are some of the most amazing in the world, this truly is paradise. Koh Maiton or Maiton Island is also known as Honeymoon Island and is located in South Phuket close to Koh Kaew, about 9 km from Phuket island, and yet another amazing experience and a must see when you come to Phuket, if you don’t get to see it the first time, you really must make a point of coming back to Phuket to see all the top things that you missed. The boat to Maiton island leaves at 9AM and until the time you depart there is not much to do besides eating some of the free snacks and drinks at the meeting point. Once the boat gets underway for open water the trip goes very quickly and within 30 minutes you arrive at this beautiful bounty island. The tour staff have already prepared snacks and drinks for everyone by the time you arrive so all is set up, then all you have to do for The rest of the day is relax  on the beach, swim in the pool and in the amazing ocean, and go back and eat and drink whenever you like. If you still have some energy left you can take a walk up the hill and check out the view, and don’t forget that you must try the snorkeling. It is so beautiful and well worth the trip. You can really recharge your energy coming here to this place; nothing can beat the atmosphere of this private island. As we have already mentioned snorkeling and diving is a must, you can see many species of fish and on a very good lucky day can see the dolphins too. Maiton Island is suitable for couples to relax and honeymoon, and it is a very popular international honeymoon destination. We recommend Maiton Island to any traveler who wants to get away from it all. After an amazing day or relaxing, swimming, eating and adventure, you leave the place at around 4pm, and on the speedboat heading back to Phuket, all you can think about how much you really enjoyed your day at this amazing island and wonder when you might be able to make it back there again.

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