If you could not find enough beauty & visual ecstasy check out Tachai Island Day Tour


Day tour trip snorkeling swimming Tachai Island Phuket.  As if you could not find enough beauty and visual ecstasy, in the natural landscapes and surrounding islands off Phuket, here is one that we found that will really blow your mind. Tachai Island is one of the most beautiful Islands in South Thailand. It is known as the Maldives of Thailand with wonderful quiet white sandy beaches and stunning crystal clear waters the snorkel sites around the Island are one of the most amazing coral reefs in Southern Thailand. This really is a place that you dream about. We have mentioned other islands that are the topic of day dreams, but once you have been to Tachai on holiday you will never forget it. You will end up back at work in your office somewhere and find yourself day dreaming about the place, sitting at your lunch hour and dreaming about being back on the beach and in the amazing crystal clear waters of Tachai Island.

     The variety of marine life here is unbelievable, there is so much so see here and you can walk through the jungle and see the chicken crabs that the island is well known to be the home for. For those people that are not afraid (and there is nothing to be afraid about at all) you can see the black ribbed baby sharks at the shark rock viewpoint, and there are so many different varieties of tropical fishes and the amazing manta rays, leopard sharks, nurse sharks and the hawksbill turtles, white sharks that all the divers come to see on their trips to the waters off this lovely and life changing destination. Tachai Island, also known as Virgin Island, is situated between Similan and Surin National Marine Parks, 135 km north-west of Phuket and 70 km west of Khao Lak. It is considered to be one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Thailand. It is a lovely island with a long white beach, beautiful waters, rocky outcrops and a small mountain viewpoint. We keep telling you about all these amazing islands and trips that we book in and around Phuket, I get so excited about all of them, and there is something unique and electrifying about each of them. I am so lucky to be living here in Phuket and to have all of these amazing adventures right off my door step. Come and book with us here at Phuket dream Company and let us take you to the places that you day dream about.

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