Should I pay tours transfers activities in Thailand before or after I get there

There are so many conflicting conversations and so many differing opinions about whether or not to pay and organize tours and transfers and other activities BEFORE coming to Thailand.

I have written about this in the past and basically it goes without saying that if you buy trips and tours from a travel agent in your own country before coming to Thailand you will probably pay a lot more than what you would if you buy when you get here.

In regards to shopping for trips online and buying them online, yes there are lots of different prices, but don’t forget that companies like ours in Phuket also have a website and sell online and we sell local prices for bookings ALL over Thailand.

We often suggest to our customers not to buy tours before they get here and just to come to meet us when here in Phuket, OR if they get to another city in Thailand and cannot meet us, the just send us money via Alipay, Paypal with no extra fees, or simply walk in to a Thai bank and transfer the money to our Thai Company account, this also saves on international bank fees and credit card fees when paying from overseas.

Some people don’t mind waiting to get things organized when they get to Thailand, they might have the time so it is fine. But you have others that like to plan in advance, have everything organized and set up so that they have an itinerary already planned and confirmed and don’t have to worry about running around and organizing their tours and trips when they get here.

Or may be some people don’t have enough time, they might only be here for a day or 2, or others may be traveling as a family with kids, and the last thing you want to do is run around all over the place with your kids when you get to the place and work things out.

Having said all that, we also have lots of customers from around the world that contact us when they are already here in Thailand and book with us, so it is up to you.

Probably the best reason to book with a local Hotel & tour company like us is because when we PACKAGE up all your options for you including Hotel, airport transfers trips, tours, island adventures, shopping and massage city tours, beer and wine tasting tours or whatever you really want to do on your holiday, we make it CHEAPER than if you purchase individual products.

We generally just give you the Hotel and all other things at cost and then add a commission on top for us. This really is the best way to book, custom packages, designed exactly for what you want. At the budget you have to work with. 99% of the time we sell hotel rooms for quite a bit less than what you might pay for them on one of the big online Hotel booking sites, we do not actually list many hotels on our website as there is simply so many out there, so we offer a “Hotel Price Challenge” if you have a hotel in Thailand that you really like, ask us to see if we can beat  the online price per night, most of the time we can, obviously not all hotels work with booking agents like ours but we are happy to try for you, that is what we are here for.

If you have time it is fun to shop around, but if booking online try to find a local operator as the big online sites do sell for more, they might have a couple of products and trips that may be less, but the vast majority will be more expensive, and why not help out the little people, the locals and local businesses that are here to help you.

The huge online companies don’t really need any more money. It is all just helping our economy and keeping tourism alive in Thailand. At the very least there is no harm in contacting a company like ours just to get a quote on a package and hotel and trips, there is no obligation to buy, give us a go, you might be pleasantly surprised and save some extra money to actually spend when you get here.

Who is coming to Thailand? We book ALL of Thailand and everything there is to do here and much more.

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