Thai Food


 I love food and I am a huge fan of all kinds of cuisines from all countries around the world. I was born in Papua New Guinea, and grew up in Australia and have been lucky enough to travel all over the world and be exposed to so many different types of amazing food. Food is life and travelling and eating and enjoying all kind of food is so exciting.

You will absolutely love Phuket if you love food, there are so many different kinds of restaurants here and all kinds of cuisines from all around the world. There is a real variety of both quality and style of food here, and there is a restaurant for all budgets, and if you want to spend a bit more money, Phuket has an amazing choice of high end restaurants and food too.

Thai Food History taste the delightful dishes of all areas of Thailand. While Thai food is well know all around the world for its wonderful favours and fresh ingredients, Phuket is especially famous for its seafood and, you don’t have to a lot of money here in Phuket to enjoy the amazing seafood dishes and recipes from all parts of Thailand so yummy. Thailand, and Thai people love food and the food street culture and market stalls are everywhere. Just to walk through the most popular markets is a treat and even just walking along the street, there are so many amazing smells wofting through the air of food being cooked in the roadside stalls and shops. Steer vendors’ tables are heavy with the weight of freshly smoked fish, fiery salads and deep-fried chicken wings. Street food is across-the-board delicious and all the locals say that the best is to be found in Phuket Town. If you’re looking for something different, you’ll find plenty of pizza, burger and seafood joints on the beaches and in expat towns, to the locals, this is commonly referred to as Farang food or (foreign food). No matter what your taste is, there is something here for you and your budget.

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