Thai Visa run to Penang Satun Malaysia Ranong Thailand

Thai Visa run to Penang Satun Malaysia Ranong Thailand. Whether you come to Thailand for an extended visit, live here or have a Thai business visa you will need to do the Thai Visa Run.V.I.P. Mini-bus with 9 Reclining Comfortable Seats & DVD Entertainment for your trip to Malaysia to renew your Thailand Visa. Phuket Dream Company is a booking agency, we are a tour company and we book 2 different companies for Visa Runs, the company we use depends on availability on the day that you are planning to go. We do not have any part of the actual visa process, we just book the trip.

Penang Visa Trip details: We pick you up around 10pm depending on your location, then approximately 5am we arrive Sadao Border. Just after the Thai boarder crossing we stop for breakfast “Free” & exchange money (for Malaysian extras). After breakfast we proceed directly to the Thai Consulate to process your Thai Visa (you will need 2 passport photos and a copy of your passport). *If you have or applying for a Thai Business Visa you will need appropriate sized photos & paperwork. Once you drop off your passport, we go check into the Grand Swiss Hotel or The Banana Hotel & have lunch (which is included in our Thai Visa Run price). You may relax in your room or venture around Georgetown/Penang for the night. If you stay at the Grand Swiss Hotel they will also provide you with meal vouchers to where you can go for a walk and redeem your meals at different restaurants near by.

In the hotel you can enjoy a buffet breakfast (included in the Thai Visa Run) between 7am to 10am. Around 2 pm the passports arrive back from the Consulate and are handed out to everyone, and then on the bus and away you go on your journey back to Phuket. Approximately 6pm we will stop in Pattalung and enjoy a Thai buffet style dinner. We will then drop you off back at your location around 10pm.

The Thai Consulate closes on certain holidays in Malaysia, please check our Thailand Visa Info page for updated info.

Thailand Visa Information & Thai Visa Fees 2015 If you are getting your Thai Visa in Penang, Malaysia these are the requirements. Thai Single Entry Tourist Visa, you will need two passport-sized photos & a copy of your passport. Thai Non Immigrant ‘O’ Visa, requirements may vary depending on the case. In the case of a Non-Immigrant “O”

Thai Retirement Visa, you will need 800,000 baht in a Thai bank, a copy of your Thai bank book, pension details or proof of a sustainable income, 2 passport-sized photos, and you must be over 55 years of age.

In the case of a Thai Non-Immigrant ‘O’ Visa Thai for Marriage, you must submit a copy of your marriage certificate, a photo of your spouse, ID of your spouse, along with a copy of your Thai Bank book.

Thai Non-Immigrant ‘B’ Visa, “Thai Business Visa” you will need to submit a copy of your company papers, rules and regulations, letter from the employer, and a copy of your WP3, which is very important. If you own your company, you will also need to submit a copy of your company registration, company rules ad regulations, company directors’ signatures, along with a copy of company directors’ ID/Passport. Thai Work Visa 1 year at a time.. must report 90 days.

Thai Non-Immigrant ‘ED’ Visa, “Thai Student Visa” you will need to submit a letter from the minister of education. If approved grants a one year Thai Visa and you report every 90 days.

Thai Visa Fees/Info For The Thai Consulate in Penang, Malaysia
Thai Visa Application: 09:30-11:30am
Thai Visa/Passport Collection: 11:30-12:30am (on the next working day)
Open Monday – Friday. Closed on Saturday-Sunday & Public Holidays.
For further Thai Consulate inquiry: Please contact them at: 603.214.8822 ext.105–106


phuket visa run to penang (Malaysia)
The 5,300 THB per person (this does not include visa fee)

Banana Boutique Hotel is located in the most established
part of Georgetown/Penang, Malaysia. 

Phuket visa run to Satun schedule
1,900THB price

Phuket Visa Run to Satun leaves daily 5am and bring you back that same day.
If you come to Thailand and find yourself wanting to extend your holiday a week or two.. you can do what’s called a “Phuket Border Run to Satun”. The closest location from Phuket would be to take our Phuket Visa Boarder Run to Satun.

Satun Visa Trip details: We pick you up around 5-6am depending on your location, then proceed directly to Satun and take you to the Thailand Immigration Office (No Boat trip Required by Satun Visa Run), you only need your passport.

Just 5 min. to get your passport stamped, then back to the Thai Immigration Office and get a new arrival card for with 2 weeks to extend your stay in Thailand. We then go directly back to Phuket.


1,900THB per person
includes Transportation fee & Insurance +Lunch,
Visa Fee ALL included
*NOTE Tourist Double entry 60 Days, Non O,B, Multiple ent


Leave Phuket Daily to Satun
We pick you up at your Phuket hotel, home (only main road)

05:00 amHotel/Location Pickup Starts
06:00 amDepart from Phuket
11:30 amArrive Satun go to Immigration office
12:30 pmLunch at Satun
13:00 pmDepart from Satun back to Phuket
19:00 pmArrive Phuket & Return you home



05 : 00 amChalong / Rawai Police Station Chalong, Tesco Lotus, Bank, Gas Station
05 : 00 amKata Beach / Karon Beach Hotel, Post Office, Bank, 7-11
05 : 15 amPatong Hotel, Bank, Gas Station

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