Tour Cancellation Refund Policy

When we go on holidays to other countries and book travel or tours, we like to know what the refund policy is. I mean it is important to know if and how you can get your money back if something goes wrong or if you cancel your trip, OR if the tour you have booked and paid for gets cancelled on the day.

This particular page is only talking about our Tour Bookings, we have a separate Policy for our Custom holiday packages and group bookings.

If you are unsure just ask us BEFORE you book.

If you want to cancel

If for some reason your circumstances have changed, you may no longer be coming to Thailand or you no longer want to do the Tour that you have already Paid for on our website. All you need to do is tell us at least 24 hours before. Assuming you tell us in time we will happily cancel your tour and give you a full refund (Less the fee’s incurred by money or Paypal transfers if there were any). Generally if you have paid via Paypal and IF we have already transferred the money to our Company Bank account and paid for your tour, we will have paid some small transfer fees.

If you have paid with Paypal and decide you want a Refund right away before we book your tour, we can easily Refund the Full amount as there will have been no fee’s incurred.

If the Tour itself gets cancelled

Sometimes the tour itself gets cancelled, this could be for reasons like in Low season if certain tours may not have reached their minimum booking number requirements, if this is the case yes you get a Full Refund of course, or you will be given the option to move your tour to another date if you are still here then.

If the weather is not suitable or safe, it will be 100% up to the Captain of the Boat or Main Tour Operator to make the decision whether or not the tour will be operating that day/night. If the Captain or Operator decides they will not be operating the tour that day we will notify you, you will be given the option to get a Full Refund or to choose another date to book your desired tour.

PLEASE NOTE: If on the morning of the tour you decide you do not want to go because of the weather and if the tour is still operating you will not be offered any refunds at all.

If the cancellation is due to a Force Majeure event,  like COVID 19, full refunds will be issued.
A “Force Majeure Event” includes but is not limited to, acts of God, fire, earthquake, flood, windstorm or other extreme weather events, war, civil commotion, riot, blockade or embargo, breakdown, union dispute, epidemic, pandemic, lack or failure of courses of supply, passage of any law, order, regulation, ordinance, proclamation, demand, requisition or requirement or any other act of any government authority, outside of the reasonable control of either parties whether or not foreseeable, which renders performance impossible.

We will not be liable in any way for bodily injury, delay, illness, death, damage, or other loss or detriment to person or property, or financial costs both direct and indirect incurred, or for our failure to perform, commence,  or complete any duty owed to you if such death, illness, delay, bodily injury (including emotional distress or injury), damage or other loss or detriment to person or property is caused by a Force Majeure Event.

We will not be liable for other costs associated with travel to the designated meeting point, overnight accommodation, meals, etc will not be covered by us and therefore we strongly recommend travel insurance be taken out prior to travel

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