Bangkok City Experience Thai Bus Food Tour

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Are you looking for a tasty way to experience Bangkok? Get on a double-decker bus trip to explore famous sites while enjoying Thai cuisine. Enjoy the more than 20 tourist attractions in the area of Rattanakosin Island, as well as the bus’ roomy seats, free Wi-Fi, and USB charging stations.

The Thai Bus Food Tour was created in response to the issue of tourists visiting Thailand who were unsure of what to eat, had to waste time travelling to each venue independently, and had a certain amount of time to go. As a result, they were unable to experience the broad variety of meals or visit many locations during their vacation. We have developed an entirely new category of tourism in an effort to solve this issue. In a specifically equipped bus with the comfort and convenience to relax and dine, and be provided with a range of delectable delicacies at the same time, while seeing significant locations in Bangkok. Both Thais and foreigners are being targeted.

There are four benefits to the service in this new format:

1. A double-decker bus that has been expressly created will be used; it will have roomy, comfy seats and bright colours, making it appropriate for dining. The large mirror offers a panoramic view, a great audio system, free WiFi, USB charging ports for every seat, and information on a 22″ LCD screen at each table. Additionally, there is a restroom on the bus’ lower deck.

2. Carefully chosen food and drink from a variety of restaurants, including well-known Michelin Bib Gourmet restaurants “Mae Choy Nang Rarm” and “Shell Chuan Chim” recommended restaurants, all of which are comfortable and maintain the same taste as if you were dining at the restaurant itself.

3. The bus route will pass by many of Bangkok’s top sights, including the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, the Giant Swing, Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Traimit Temple, Chinatown Gate, Yaowarat Road, Phu Khao Thong, Loha Prasat, Democracy Monument, Sanam Luang, and more than 30 other places of interest. The tour begins four times: at noon for lunch and at 14:00 for BKK sightseeing. Dinner is at 17:30. Additionally, the Night Life begins at 19.30 with a restricted number of 24 seats. available, including charter boat choices, that can accommodate up to 48 tourists every session.

4. Knowledgeable and entertaining expert guides will provide you with vital information on the food you are eating and the history of significant locations while you are on the journey.
You will receive food from our personnel with the utmost consideration and attention.
We enable customers to charter our cars for a range of private events such as meetings, special events, birthday parties, and product launches in order to facilitate usages in various formats.

We genuinely hope that people will find our services useful. Additionally, we intend to start offering our services in popular tourist destinations this year. With the motto “The Best Thailand Experience,” the company has provided special rates to travel agencies in Thailand and overseas in an effort to expand the possibilities and sell to clients who want uniqueness.

Bangkok – Thai Bus Food Tour
Departure from: Bangkok
*This price is from 1 Jan 2023 – 31 Dec 2023*

Ticket Price – No Pickup transfer


Promotion Price/Person

Lunch time (11.30 am. – 13.00 pm.)


BKK Sightseeing time
(14.00 – 15.30 pm.)


Dinner time (17.30 – 19.00 pm.)


Night Life time (19.30 – 21.00 pm.)


Kids Menu (3-8 years)




Bangkok – Thai Bus Food Tour
Departure from: Bangkok
*This price is from 1 Jan 2023 – 31 Dec 2023*

Ticket Price – No Pickup transfer


Time Itinerary
Please Note
  • The itinerary and timing above are approximate and may be modified without notice.
  • A welcome drink
  • Lunch, BKK Sightseeing, Dinner,Night Life or
  • Kids menu
  • Luxury Transportation as program
  • Gratuities for Tour Guide and Bus Captain (Optional)
  • All beverages on board
  • Hotel Pick up / drop off
  • Other personal expenses
  • Camera
  • Some amount of money


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