Blue Tree Phuket Water Park Ticket Price

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Blue Tree Phuket Water Park is a new and immense playground designed for adults and kids to spend a day of fun in the warm waters of a tropical island. With its multicolour and brightly decorated building, the park is easy to spot on the roadside of Cherngtalay, halfway between Bangtao beach and the well-known heroine’s circle. This 17,000 square metres lagoon is gigantic, with an impressive restaurant building and a vast array of water activities, water slides, zip lines and paddle boards.
The main attractions are, of course, the several sets of water slides around the Blue Tree Lagoon. The one that catches everyone attention is without a doubt; the quadruple ‘slip n fly’ slides. This imposing set of ramps is 30 meters long and throw people up high in the air, follows by a rather impressing water landing in a big splash. Some of the landings looked painful. There are four parallel slides, each one a little higher than the next, and while it seems only higher by a couple of meters at the top part, it will project you much higher at the end.
People seem to think twice before picking the highest one. You can choose to slide down head first or feet first. Feet first appeared to be most beginners choice, but it seems that headfirst is safer since you will land feet first in the water.
Other slides around are more gentle, and kids love them a lot. Everywhere, safety is taken very seriously, and you can see staff in their blue outfits everywhere, making sure that the landing area of each slide is clear for the next person coming down.
Dining and food
Blue Tree has five restaurants and bars to chose from: Tree house beach lounge, Tree house restaurant, Tree top, Bay grill and Sunset bar, plus some additional food trucks for fun. Some are open all day, and the one at the top of the main building opens only in the evening. We had a light lunch there, and it was surprisingly good.
Land Activities
Blue Tree offers more to visitors than just water activities. Kids (and adults too) can enjoy a considerable amount of land activities as well. From an impressive trapeze training to an outdoor ice skating, without ice! (It seems to be using the same technologies as those fun ice hokey we used to play in arcade games centres, anyone remembers these?) The exercise parcours looked very fun, but also quite intensive — something the young ones will love.
Shopping Villages
At the front of the Blue Tree water park is the shopping village. Very colourful and reminding of old Phuket town with the covered arches of Thalang road shophouses. As we visited, the workers were adding the last touches and all the shops were empty, with a stingy smell of fresh paint. Some tenants were starting to move in. This kind of shopping villages in the middle of nowhere can be a real challenge. Most of them barely survive, many of them just close because o the lack of visitors.
Blue Tree Phuket Info:
Open: everyday 10.00 am. – 18.00 pm.

Blue Tree Phuket Water Park
Ticket Entry Fee
*This price is from 1 Feb 2023 – 31 Oct 2023*


(0.1 < 6 year)



(7 – 12 year)



Adult *Age 13+




  • CHILD age 0.1 < 6 year old = FREE of charge.
  • CHILD age 7 – 12 year old = CHILD rate as above.
  • ADULT age 13+ year old and above = Adult rate.
  • Senior age 60+ year old and above = FREE of charge.
  • GROUP RATE: Minimum require 20 persons per group.


  • Adult ticket: Access to Blue Tree Lagoon, all beaches, games, and activities. INCLUDING all water sliders, Zip Line, and Ninja Warrior.
  • Child ticket: Access to Blue Tree Lagoon, all beaches, games, and activities. NOT INCLUDING adult water slider, Zip Line and Ninja Warrior.
  • Senior, Disable ticket: Access to Blue Tree Lagoon, all beaches, games, and activities. INCLUDING all water sliders, Zip Line, and Ninja Warrior.


  • Not include any food or drink.
  • Not include pick up transfer.
  • Towels.
  • Lockers (Small).
  • Lockers (Large).
  • Any Pick up transfer.




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