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Extreme Activities:  Paramotoring Experience Phuket. Take a paramotor ride in Phuket and feel the rush of flying like a bird. You wont need to have any prior experience or training, because a qualified instructor will be at your side the entire time, you may enjoy 15-20 minutes of flying at a height of 1000 meters while seeing a bird’s eye view over Phuket.

What is ParaMotoring?

The term “paramotor” refers to the harness and propulsion system of a powered paraglider (“PPG”). Paramotors can be divided into two categories: wheel launch and foot launch.

Foot launch versions have a frame with a harness, an engine, a fuel tank, and a propeller. Primarily, a hoop with protective netting keeps lines away from the propeller. A paraglider is attached to the unit, which is worn like a big backpack, using carabiners.

Wheel launch units can be added to a foot-launch paramotor or they can be purchased as whole units with their own motor and propeller. They typically have one or two seats and three (trike) or four wheels (quad). These are not the same as powered parachutes, which are often more heavier, more powerful, and steer differently.

This is the wheel launch unit as seen in the displayed images.

Are you Adventurous?

If you are into a bit more of a thrill,  this is one of the Extreme Activities, that might just get your blood pumping, and your heart racing. The Paramotoring Experience in Phuket is for the more adventurous spirit.

Due to the inherent steadiness and low airspeed that paramotor flying provides, it is a popular flight among the general population. Make a lasting memory and have a unique experience on this vacation. Prepare yourself before taking off and let the adrenaline rush to build. While up there, snap a few great photos, and then tell your friends and family about your trip.


Activities last for 15-20 minutes (Approx)

Paramotor flying time: 06.00am. – 09.00am. / 15.30pm. – 16.30pm.

About Phuket Paramotor Flying Trip: Fly like a bird on a paramotor in Phuket to feel the rush. You will, Enjoy 15-20 minutes of flight time at a height of 1,000 meters while getting a bird’s-eye view over Phuket.

1. Join this trip to experience something very exciting and engaging while flying.
2. With the assistance of a qualified instructor and no prior experience, view Phuket from the air.
3. Before you set off, gather all the required gear for a distinctive experience.
4.Be ready and let the rush of adrenaline to build up as you take off.
5. Experience the rush of touching the sky 1,000 meters above the earth.
6. While up there, snap some great photos and tell your friends and family about your trip.

Extreme Activities Paramotoring Experience Phuket
*Operate Everyday*
*This price is from 1 Jan 2023 – 30 Sep 2023*

*Not include Hotel Pick up (book with us and then make your own way there)


Regular Price/Pax





*Need Hotel Pick up transfer *Round trip
*By private transport*
**The pick up only
Patong / Kata / Karon**


Regular Price/Car


1-3 pax.



Extreme Activities Paramotoring Experience Phuket
*Operate Everyday*
*This price is from 1 Jan 2023 – 30 Sep 2023*

No.Paramotoring Phuket FAQs
Is it safe?
One of the safest types of flight is paramotoring. Low air speed and intrinsic stability are the main causes. Pilots with extensive expertise and international certification provide comfort, safety, and thrill for your adventures.
Is there an age limit?
Anyone over the age of 10 who is in good physical shape and does not have a heart issue or a mental illness is eligible to participate. Women who are pregnant are advised from participating.
How much is for Paramotoring Phuket?
You may go paramotoring in Phuket for 4,990.-Thb per person, which includes the entire 20-minute activity as well as the safety equipment and an instructor. Even if you have no prior expertise with the activity, the entire crew will assist you with donning the safety equipment, and the teacher will thoroughly train you and explain every conceivable precaution you need to take.
4.What is the best time for Paramotoring Phuket?
The activity is offered every day from 6:00 am to 9:00 am and from 15:00 pm to 16:30 pm. To escape the heat, it is suggested that you go paramotoring in Phuket early in the morning if you want the greatest experience.
In addition, you are invited to take part in this activity at any time provided the weather is not a major problem for you.
5.What should I wear to Paramotoring in Phuket?
As you soar into the air, be sure you are dressed comfortably. Remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat in case it becomes hot out.Additionally, it will help to have a camera with you and to wear comfy shoes. You are now virtually prepared for your paramotoring excursion in Phuket.
6.Do I need prior experience or training?
No, prior experience is not necessary; you will receive a quick instruction and safety lesson beforehand.
7.Is there any age limit or weight limit for Paramotoring in Phuket?
Yes, Phuket paramotoring requires that you be at least 16 years old. You must also be free of any physical or mental health difficulties, such as heart ailments, in order to participate in this sport.Pregnant ladies are also urged not to take part in this. So long as you are healthy, you should be able to enjoy this exhilarating paramotoring activity.
Please Note
  • The itinerary and timing above are approximate and may be modified without notice to fit the tide and local weather conditions.
  • Paramotor Flying which goes on for 15-20 mins. and goes up to 1000 feet above the ground.
  • All safety equipment and insurance are provided
  • Personal shopping
  • Tip for the driver or staff.
  • Hat, Running shoes and comfortable clothing.
  • Sun cap, Sunglasses, Camera
  • Some amount of money


1 review for Extreme Activities Paramotoring Experience Phuket

  1. Justin

    We did this early in the morning, weather happened to be perfect with no wind. Honestly I was a bit nervous before hand, but once flying, it is amazing. Views as far as you can see, islands, Ocean, looking down between your feet 2000 + feet up in the air was extremely exciting. The Pilots and ground staff were great, they have a 20 year good safety record apparently. I would do this again in a heart beat, if you are a bit of a thrill seeker, try this out.

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