Krabi – Hong Island Private Sailing Yacht Catamaran

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Full day & Half Day
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Hong Island, sometimes referred to as Koh Hong Island, is a stunning island that is a part of an unidentified archipelago that is situated on the edge of the Krabi province!

The Hong Islands are notable for having some of Krabi’s most stunning beaches, along with enormous limestone cliffs, emerald green waves, and a verdant jungle all around.

The stunning Hong Island Lagoon, a naturally occurring turquoise lake encircled by mangrove trees and limestone rock formations, is another attraction in the Hong Islands! A marvel of the natural world…

This location is perfect for relaxing in the warm waters or just taking in the scenery while on our Hong Islands tour!

On our exclusive trip of the Hong Islands, we will take you to some of Krabi’s most strange and wild locations!
As the captain of your own sailing yacht catamaran, you will have the freedom to choose where to go and when to go. In the Hong Island region of Krabi, Thailand, you will have the option to visit a thousand and one islands.
For this reason, we provide you with three distinct itineraries that are tailored to your preferences regarding the number of islands you would want to see, the number of snorkeling experiences you would like to have, and the beaches you would like to visit

HNM: Krabi – Private Charter
Luxury Sailing Yacht Catamaran
Hong Island Tour

*Promotion: 1 November 2023 – 31 October 2024*


Selling Price
(1-20 pax.)

Selling Price
(1-35 pax.)

Selling Price
(1-50 pax.)

Krabi – Hong Island *Morning
09.00 am. – 14.00 pm.




Krabi – Hong Island *Afternoon
14.30 pm. – 19.00 pm.




Krabi – Hong Island *Full Day
09.00 am. – 17.00 pm.




HNM: Krabi – Private Charter
Luxury Sailing Yacht Catamaran
Hong Island – Half Day Morning

Depart from Ao Ta Len Pier.
Arrive at Ko Phakbia, The shape of Ko Phakbua is a triangular shape. Beautiful beach with a sandbar connecting to a small island. near Phakbia Island crytal clear water emerald green color. suitable for swimming.
Depart from Ko Phakbia to Ko Lao Lading
Arrive at Ko Lao Lading, scenery small island with a beautiful curved beach hidden behind limestone It is an island that is peaceful and suitable for relaxation. After this take you to Hong Island.
Arrive at Hong Island, to do activities to visit the beautiful of nature inside of Hong Island. with limestone separating the rooms.
Arrive at Hong Island, explore on the island relax, snorkeling point relax or swim on the beach and take a photo at viewpoint.
Return back to Ta Len Pier safely, while sightseeing scenery the beautiful view.
  • Private Sailing Yacht Catamaran
  • Captain and Crew
  • Snorkeling point
  • life jacket, snorkel mask
  • Drinking water, soft drink
  • Snack set and fresh fruit
  • First aid and insurance
  • Hotel transfer to pier
  • Personal shopping
  • National Park Fee (If any)
  • Tip for staff and guide
  • Food & Alcohol
  • Private Guide
  • Personal Photographer
  • Swimming suits
  • Shorts & light T-shirt
  • Beach towel, Sunblock
  • Sun cap, Sunglasses, Camera
  • Some small amount of money


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