New Aquaria Central Phuket Floresta

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New Aquaria Central Phuket Floresta.

Aquaria Phuket is the biggest aquarium in Thailand located in the heart of the city, beneath Central Phuket Floresta.

A magical underwater journey that takes you through the wonders of the ocean and the mysteries of the rivers. Be entertained and inspired by over 25,000 animals and interact with our knowledgeable and friendly staff to learn more about the wonders of the ocean.

Aquaria Phuket spreads across area 3 rai. To maximise your experience, we recommend that you allow approximately 1 hour 45 minutes for your visit. Last admission occurs 1 hour before closing each day. There are gift a shops and toilets inside Aquaria Phuket for our visitors.

Operation Hours : Monday – Sunday From : 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
(Last admission 7:00 pm)
Located at B1 Floor Central Phuket Floresta

Aquaria Central Phuket Floresta
*This Price Only from 1 January 2023 – 30 September 2023*
Ticket Price / Person

1.Aquarium Only

Normal Price





Child (height 90-140 am.)



2.Aquarium + AR Trickeye Museum

Normal Price





Child (height 90-140 am.)



Zone 1 (Mystic Forest)
Thai folklore tell stories of mythical creatures, humans & demigods
That are inspirational, wondrous and educational. It is believed that the mystical himmapan forest is located in the himalayan mountains below the buddhist heavens, invisible to the eyes of mortals. Take a walk with us on this mystical journey and discover the myth and legends of this world.

Zone 2 (Canopy walk)
The mystical himmapan forest is home to characters such as the kinnaree, Manorah and others.
Like any other forests, it has a canopy which is the upper branches of trees in a forest. The canopy cover offers protection for the diverse plants and animals to thrive below it.

Deforestation the death of our forests


  • Reduce Packaging
  • Reduce Meat Consumption
  • Plant Trees
  • Boycott Destructive Companies
  • Support Responsible Companies

Zone 3 (Jewels of the jungle)
A gigantic jambolan tree grows at the foot of the Himmapan mountain rang.
This tree stands on the river banks of Sida Nadi, the River of Coolness.
“Beyond this is a forest of trees that have women as their fruit, they are very beauti-ful and are like maidens who have reached maturi-ty. When men see them, they fall in love with them.” Like the fruits of the Jambolan tree, the exhibits you see here are the JEWELS OF THE JUNGLE

Zone 4 (The River Cave)
Waters from lake Anotata flows out from four cardinal point marked by the face of a lion, and elephant, a horse and a bull.
The river on the south is blocked by a mountain, so it shoots upwards into the air and falls onto a three-sid-ed stone that forms the three sided Lake of Lotuses, out of ehich flows a massive river above ground as well as one into A RIVER CAVE that breaks info five rivers: the Ganga, Yamana, Aciravati, Mah i, and Sarabhu.

Zone 5 (Coastal haven Humboldt Penguin)

Zone 6 (Lagarto)

Zone 7 (South China Sea)

Zone 8 (Legends of the sea)

Zone 9 (Touch Pool)


Enter into a world of optical illusions at Phuket’s first interactive 3D museum.

  • ZONE AQUARIUM : The underwater world where waves hit and sea dragon shoot fire! Experience the amazing and mysterious sea world in Aqua zone!
  • ZONE MASTERPIECE : Be the main character of a famous artwork by touching famous artist’s artwork and taking pictures!
  • ZONE BEST TRICK EYE : The most well-loved Trick Eye exhibits gathered in one zone. Experience the impossibilities of reality only in Trick World.
  • ZONE SLOPE : The place where all the imaginations comes to reality! We welcome you to this mind-blowing underwater world with all the fantasies you’ve imagined.
  • ZONE JUNGLE : A dynamic encounter with alive animals that are about to pop out! Experience the weirdness of the jungle.


 Mermaids to most, they’re the subject of myth and legend, but at Aquaria Phuket we’re got our own sea of mermaids.
Special Feeding
Tuesday – Friday 15:30 : Zone: Coastal haven
Saturday – Sunday 14:30 and 15:30 : Zone: South China Sea
Get up close and personal with the adorable penguins of the Aquaria Phuket.

Watch our professional aquarist hand-fre our marine animals daily while learning about the significant roles these animals play in keeping their habitats in balance.

  • Giant Amazonian, Zone: Mystic Forest : 11.00 | 14.00
  • Otters, Zone: River Caves : 11.30 | 14.30
  • Shark Alley, Zone: Coastal Heaven : 12.00 | 15.00 pm
  • Penguins, Zone: Coastal Heaven : 11.45 | 14.45
  • Stingray Bay, Zone: Stingray Bay : 12.15 | 15.15
  • Open Ocean, Zone: South China Sea : 12.30 | 16:00
  • Touch pool, Zone Station Aquarius
  • Jellyfish, Zone: Station Aquarius


2 reviews for New Aquaria Central Phuket Floresta

  1. Jenjira

    Thank you “Phuket Dream Company” we was booking Aquaria Cental Phuket with your online booking it was easy and a quick service 🙂

    Central Phuket Aquaria – Great experience. Loved every minute of our time there. Animals all around and learned a lot from here. Great for the kids to bring along and convenient with food bars

  2. Justin

    This is a gorgeous aquarium located in the bottom of Central Shopping Center in Phuket. They have lots of great exhibits, of sharks, turtles, rays, lots of species of fish, lots of big tanks, even some otters and penguins. It is really well set out and you get shows at different times in different exhibits. You can spend lots of time sitting and watching everything. They have a little forest section with geckos, spiders, lizards, snakes. An excellent thing to do in Phuket, a great option on a rainy day too. One thing to mention, if you have been to some very big aquariums before in other countries like Japan or Singapore, this one is much smaller, still excellent and still big, just not on a big scale like other huge aquariums.

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