Outdoor Activities Zip Line Rock Climbing Krabi

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*We regret that this trip is currently unavailable.*

Outdoor Activities Zip Line Rock Climbing Krabi. Established in 2012, The Tree Top Adventure Park in Krabi was the idea of a group of passionate tourists who love the climbing , it was designed by experts from France who has experiences to design this kind of activity in Europe.

These guys have quite a few different locations across Thailand including Koh Chang, Pattaya, Kanchanaburi, Krabi and the latest id Doitung Tree Top walk in Mae Fah Luang garden, Chiang Rai.

This particular site is of course in Krabi. The site is located in Ban Khiri Wong community in the forest area. This village is located in the southwest of Krabi Province. A traditional  Thai village, and this is a community of Farmers, so it is a beautiful, quiet & peaceful village. This is a really fun day or half day out.

(Full day) Tree Top Adventure Park Zip Line Rok Climbing Krabi

ActivitiesTree Top Adventure Park Krabi has four bases or 56 stations with different levels of difficulty.
Traning Station At this point the apprentice will listen to safety and demonstrations from our experts. Then the participants will be tested on the basis by expert advice.
The course starts off with the Green stationThis is the simplest of all station. Sitting at a height of not more than 10 meters, it is suitable for both children and beginners. There are 12 stages in total for the green course.
Blue Course
The Blue Channel is a station with a height of more than 6 meters. The hightlight of this course is our amazing Bicycle Games on the Bridge, Broomsticks and Tarzan Games. There are 12 stages to complete the Blue Course.
Red Course
This station is 30 meters high from the ground. It is a main station for the Zip-line. This course is only for the adventurous featuring rock climbing with Via-Ferrate and Double zip-line (2 person at the same time). There are 16 stages all together.
Black Course
The black station requires participants to possess different abilities including agility, strength, and endurance. Some stages includes walking on bamboo poles, climbing rope, balancing on rope, and many more. There are 16 stages all together.

Pickup from Krabi *This rates Adult & Children*



Full Day (50 Platforms + Lunch + Transfer + Massage)



  • Minimum height for participants is 140 cm. Children less than 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult and should have an appropriate physical & mental development.
  • Must wear comfortable outdoor clothing such as a T-shirt and shorts, Flat-sole, sneakers for walking on cable. No sandals allowed.


  • Hotel transfer round trip by minivan.
  • Fruits, Water and single dish lunch.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Insurance.


  • Swimming suits
  • Shorts & light T-shirt
  • Beach towel, Sunblock
  • Sun cap, Sunglasses, Camera



Krabi Town
Ao Nang, Klong Muang, Ao Nammao
Tub Kaek



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