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On November 8th, 1981, Alcazar Co., Ltd., also referred to as Alcazar Cabaret, was founded. The former Alcazar’s theatre originally only had 350 seats with roughly 100 artists and crew, which was insufficient to accommodate both domestic and foreign guests.
Therefore, since February 9th, 1990, our brand-new, opulent, and contemporary architectural theatre has welcomed guests from all over the world into its over 1,000-seat auditorium. It also features cutting-edge lighting and sound equipment.
Today, “Alcazar” is well-known throughout the world and is regarded as Thailand’s best transvestite cabaret show. We have continuously improved our presentation by utilising cutting-edge stage arts technology to better serve our audience. Every year, our creative show production staff puts in a tremendous amount of effort while spending millions of Thai baht to produce and offer eye-catching shows to our visitors.


1. Enjoy a fun-filled evening watching the drag queens and acrobatic dancers perform in the Alcazar Cabaret show.

2. Access the best transvestite performance in Thailand from plush VIP seats for the best viewing.

3. Catch a glimpse of pop culture influences as well as traditional Thai components that will have you bopping in your seat.

4. Be astounded by the lavish performance and vibrant costumes, which are made even more remarkable by cutting-edge lighting and sound equipment.

Daily Show Time: 17.30 pm. / 18.30 pm. / 20.00 pm. / 21.30 pm.

Alcazar Cabaret Show Tickets
– Operate Everyday –
*Available from 1 January 2023 – 31 October 2023*


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