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Visit Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya –  Prasat Sut Ja Tum. This spectacular wooden structure is one of those ‘unseen places’ in Thailand.

It is situated in North Pattaya, Laem Ratchawet, on Na Klua Road. is a gorgeous wooden castle by the sea that is lovely with carvings and sculptures that depict a wise person’s perspective.

The Sanctuary of Truth is one of Pattaya’s most unique and picturesque structures. Because the entire structure is composed of wood, it is frequently referred to as the “wooden temple.” Numerous handmade little embellishments can be found around the shrine. The highest height achieved in doing so is above 100 meters, and you may view it from a distance.

In the entire structure, not a single metal nail or screw was used. The only joints utilized are made of wood, true craftsmanship! The mood, the beauty, and the finer details are impossible to convey in a photograph; when you visit Pattaya, you must experience The Sanctuary of Truth firsthand!

The Sanctuary of Truth: Why?

The Sanctuary of Truth’s creator, Khun Lek, aims to bring people from all around the world together via art. so that they can coexist peacefully. Materialism, which is transient, is considerably less significant than inner joy, the truth, and spiritual contentment.

The structure is divided into four pieces, and via intricate carvings, each of them conveys a distinct narrative. These sections focus on China, India, Thailand, and Cambodia. As a result, The Sanctuary of Truth doubles as a shrine, a museum, and a top-notch workshop and instructional facility for carpentry.

Open Daily : 08.30 – 17.00 hrs.

The Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya
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*This price is from 1 Jan 2023 – 31 Oct 2023*
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The Erawan Museum and The Ancient City in Bangkok, both of which are unique and lovely, are owned by the same person who owns The Sanctuary of Truth.

A never-ending tale
People maintain and build to the complex on a daily basis. Because of the wood’s proximity to the sea and daily exposure to the sun and salt air, maintenance will always be required.

The building itself and a nearby warehouse, which you can also visit, are used for part production and repair. Not a day passes by when the facility is not worked on by more than 200 employees. Therefore, while visiting The Sanctuary of Truth, you must wear a safety helmet. These can be borrowed without charge at the entry.
The Sanctuary of Truth may appear to be very old, but that is actually not a negative thing. The original plan calls for completion by 2050, but construction didn’t start until 1981.

Wear appropriate attire
You are urged to dress respectfully even though The Sanctuary of Truth is a complex that includes a museum and a temple. No shoulders or knees should be exposed. For an additional 200 baht, you can rent a sarong, which you will receive back when you return it.


  • Transport.
  • Tips / gratuities for drivers or guide.
  • Any expenses that are not stated in the program.


  • Shoes for walking
  • Proper clothes for entering Thai temple
  • Camera


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