What boat Island trip tours should I choose when I am in Phuket Thailand? Are the tours worth doing?

15 November 2017
Tours in Phuket

Like any other holiday destination Phuket is full of tour operators, most are great but there are also the lower end cheaper operators that may be unlicensed and uninsured so when choosing, remember the cheapest, especially if it is a really cheap deal may be ok, but usually like anything else you buy, the cheapest is probably the one that breaks quickly.

Having said that, yes there are some excellent deals out here in Thailand and in Phuket, due to the fact that there are so many tour companies, street side tour counters and vendors, it is very competitive and we are all trying to offer the best deals. We are a Premium hotel and tour booking company, and we only work with the best and safest operators that are all well insured and that provide the best service. From a tour companies perspective, it is simply not worth taking the risk working with cheap operators, we never know what we are going to get from trip to trip and we cannot guarantee our customers that they will have a good and safe time, so we stick with the best and that way, we CAN guarantee a great time, and we can rest, assured that we know our customers are in good professional hands on their trips.

So when researching to book your trips and tours in Phuket and around Thailand, take a good look at what there is out there, I mean, we do book premium speed boat trips, Long tail boat trips and Big boat trips, and the prices between then differ greatly, but then so does the over all experience, so it just depends on what you are after AND what your budget is. The speedboats are by far the best option, they are fast, comfortable, there is usually only a maximum of 35 people per trip plus the captain and guides, all the bottled water & soft drinks that you can drink all day, and the speedboats can access shallow water and go right to the beach and inside the bays, where as the Big boat trips cannot go in the shallows and usually stay at the edge of the bays, so the big boat trips mostly do not take you to the beach locations that the speedboats and long tail boats can get to.

The long tail boats are also nice, wonderful to ride on, and an excellent experience, and the low sides allow you to get some great video footage and pictures while you are rising along, but they are a lot slower and cannot really handle the big seas, but a lot of fun.

The big boats are as described, bigger boats with more people, but they are still a great day out and the boats are nice. So it really depends on your personal preferences. All of the trips include lunch too and the food is good, they also all include snorkeling equipment. Unless you are afraid of water you simply cannot come to Thailand and not go to at least 1 of the boat and island trips. Let’s face it, you are coming to Thailand for the beauty and to get away to a tropical destination, so you should not just stay in your hotel, get out there, go on an adventure.

We are always happy to help anyone who is coming to Thailand, so get in touch with us and say hi.

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