Test & Go Thailand Travel Registration Reopens February 1, 2022

January 28, 2022
Test & Go Thailand

Registration for Thailand’s quarantine exception program called Test & Go, part of the more comprehensive Thailand Pass on the internet re-entry process, is resuming following week after being closed for the past month.

Starting at 9am on February 1, totally vaccinated visitors from any type of nation can look for a Thailand Pass QR code to get in with quarantine-free travel, but there have actually been a few adjustments.

Here are the vital changes, as made clear by a spokesperson at the CCSA …

Registration for Test & Go entry on Thailand Pass is resuming, travel never ever stopped
Registration for Test & Go closed, however traveling never ever quit. Those that had actually formerly obtained a Thailand Pass QR code to get in under the Test & Go system have been able to enter the nation under generally the very same conditions. Travellers are called for to book a night at an accepted resort or resort while they wait on the results from their on-arrival RT-PCR test ahead back. Just recently, an added RT-PCR test has actually been needed for visitors.

To request a Thailand Pass QR code, navigate to https://tp.consular.go.th/. It is cost-free to sign up for Test & Go, the Sandbox programs or the complete quarantine option. Look out for websites and also companies asking for repayment for Thailand Pass registration– they are phony!

Two RT-PCR examinations are currently required, brand-new applicants have to spend for both
Following the emergence of the Omicron version, and some Test & Go travellers evaluating favorable after arriving, the Thai federal government decided to call for 2 RT-PCR examinations, with one taken on arrival (Day 1) and the various other on Day 5.

Those with a Thailand Pass QR code released before February 1 can take the 2nd RT-PCR test at a government-approved center free of charge. A representative says the solution is planned not to put a worry on visitors considering that modifications were made after the tourists made strategies.

Those applying for a Thailand Pass QR code after enrollment reopens will certainly require to pay for both RT-PCR tests which can cost from 2,000 to 4,000 baht. On Day 5, visitors will certainly once again need to book a remain at a resort or hotel authorized by the Safety and Health Administration while they await their examination results to come back. This hotel does not require to be the very same hotel as Day 1 and also can be in any kind of province.

So the Test & Go gives you a lot even more flexibility to take a trip and travel around, unlike the Sandbox programs where you finish a complete 7 days in a specific region or district (although you can roam around freely during the first 7 days).

The CCSA are also communicating with Thai insurance providers to give additional coverage for asymptomatic instances that have actually been billed for accommodation expenses during enforced quarantine in the past.

Vaccinated, but lately recuperated from Covid-19
Those that are fully vaccinated for Covid-19, yet were lately infected and are still evaluating positive for the virus can still get in the country under the Test & Go plan. Tourists have to have a certification issued by a physician stating that they recovered from Covid-19 in between the last 14 to 90 days. If the traveller tests positive on arrival, they can provide their recovery certificate yet might need to be checked by a medical care professional.

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