Flying Hanuman E-co Adventure Phuket


    The Flying Hanuman zipline flying fox Phuket Thailand. With so many fun and exciting things to do and attractions to see here in Phuket, sometimes you find yourself really trying hard to think about which ones to choose first or to go and see that day. Without a doubt, The Flying hanuman in Phuket has to be one of the coolest, most exciting and fun things to do while you are here. Flying Hanuman is an adventure like no other on Phuket. While you are going around the course in the beautiful tree tops, you can see so much of the islands beauty, from trees, to coast and the sea. The hillsides of Phuket overflow with thick forest that is great for exploration and outdoor activities.

What Flying Hanuman was designed to try and make sure that the adventurers and customers taking part in the course, really had the best and most exciting time and experienced a full enjoyment, excitement and memories, and the course was also designed to make sure it had minimal impact on the local natural balance within the forest environment surrounding it. The site of Flying Hanuman is still almost exactly the same as it was before construction began. A wide variety of trees and small animals occupy the 80,000 square meter plot, and the natural rubber trees are harvested by locals who are still allowed to live on the hillside. A small creek runs through the land during the wet months and even the trees within Flying Hanuman’s reception area have been left untouched.

The world needs to give so much more importance and education now more than ever, to the environment and the impact of the everyday human life and how it affects everything around us. Every day millions of animals are killed or burned from forests being cut down, or housing projects, or manmade forest fires. Flying Hanuman, just wanted to make a very enjoyable experience and work together as a team with the environment and not affect any living things.

Flying Hanuman is an eco-adventure because it is part of the forest that surrounds it. Great care has been used to make sure the zip line adventure does not have a negative effect on the trees it uses and the species who call the area their home. It took hard work to put the course into place, but once it was done, the forest is what makes the attraction so special.

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