We CAN offer amazing prices on packages we are a package deal agency

We CAN offer amazing prices on packages because that is what we are a package deal agency. The choice is up to the individual traveler whether to book before they come to Thailand or just find something to do when you are here, and you can do both as well. It all depends on what kind of person you are, if you like to be organised and have your schedule set up before you arrive, or if you are in a hurry, you don’t have a lot of time to run around when you get to Thailand to go from tour company to tour company trying to talk to people. If you have kids or are in a big group, then of course it makes sense to arrange before you get here, you don’t really want to be walking the streets with the kids and with your group, sweating in the sun and trying to find tour offices or counter tours and then talking on the side of the road.

There are so many places to book on the street competition is so tight in the tourist areas, and on the street the tourists can often be very unfair/ unreasonable with their haggling and quite often visit 3 or 4 tour desks and play them off each other for a good deal, even over a difference of $1. It is not a good scene on the street really, so many tour desks closing all the time simply because they don’t make money due to having to compete with such low prices and often unreasonable travelers that try to grind the counter operator in to the ground on the price, so sometimes they have to give in just to be competitive. We refuse to get involved in haggling and all of our business is generated online, although we do have our office in Phuket should anyone wish to come to see us and buy tours, but most of the time there is no need to because we usually come to meet you in your hotel lobby after we have discussed which trips and tours you are ready to commit to. Our price reflects our service and where you might buy a ticket from some abrupt person on the street, for a lower price, you never hear from them again. With us you buy and we are in touch with you for your entire trip, back up, help, service, following up on transport if they are running late etc. I often explain to customers that getting really cheap often means that is exactly what you will get, no safety, or no pick up at all, we have heard some horror stories of people going for the cheapest option as opposed to booking with us, then contacting us the next day asking if we can help them because no one showed up to pick them up, once you buy your ticket from the street that is it for your contact with them. We only book the best and safest operators, with the best insurance. Having said all that there are many awesome vendors to deal with, and once again Our price reflects our service.

We CAN offer amazing prices on packages because that is what we are, a package deal agency, so we can package up Hotels, island trips & tours, adventure activities, dinner & shows, airport transfers, private car and luxury mini van rental with your own drivers, shopping tours, spa and massage days, you name it we book it and we book ALL areas of Thailand.  I have rarely heard others getting a better price than us on a package. We sell everything we book for less than most other tour companies that we know of, all the prices listed on our website are already published with big discounts, we never sell at the normal price and the website prices are slashed even further when we package your holiday for you. So all we ask is that you give us a try, it wont cost you a thing if you choose not to book with us, we will give you an obligation free quote on a custom package. We have some great reviews from customers all over the world.

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